5 0   S H A D E S   O F   C H R I S T M A S


It's time to throw away those tattered strings of tinsel and replace them with a fresh new palatte of Christmas colours. But how can we bring a contemporary twist to traditional festive decorations?

Here at KLIMCHI, we know a thing or two about colour. So, we thought we'd share some of our favourite Christmas colour schemes. Some you may know, but maybe a couple of them might surprise you!

Here's our guide to 50 shades of a sensational Christmas...

W I N T E R   W O N D E R L A N D   B L U E


A simple yet beautiful way to colour-coordinate is to experiment with different shades and tones of the same colour. 

A blend of light and royal blues can bring a special wintery touch to a Christmas tree without feeling too cold or frosty. For young fans of 'Frozen', this colour scheme can also easily be associated with the faiytale magic of winter-time.

Finish the look with matching gift-wrap and glassware for that extra touch of magic.

P O P   O U T   B E R R Y   P I N K


Want to truly stand out from the crowd? Take a walk on the wild side and indulge in berry pinks, vivid greens and a splash of black. We also recommend including a lighter muted tone, such as silver-grey, to help balance the vibrancy.

Pink and black might seem like risky choices for the festive season, but under fairy lights and a fireside glow, this palatte brings its own sense of mysterious magic and winter warmth.

T R A D I T I O N A L   G R E E N  A N D   R E D


There's nothing like the satisfying combination of deep forest green and bright cranberry red to bring a sense of Christmas to a room. This classic colour pairing can bring your tree instantly to life and is perfect for festive table runners and centre pieces.

Experiment with shades of green; from deep bottle green to lighter shades of fir tree green and moss. And once again, we recommend introducing a lighter element to help balance the rich colours, such as blue-grey or warmer tones of wood.

W A R M   N A T U R A L   T O N E S


If you're more interested in the natural look this Christmas, consider using a range of muted, gentle tones of stone, brown, olive green and sage green. This style of palatte works really well with interiors that feature wooden floors or furniture.

This softer aesthetic also works really well when colour-coordinated with soft furnishings, such as woollen throws and woven rugs. If you're a keen knitter or crocheter, now is the time to find those thick yarns and have a go at making your own hanging ornaments or woolly little santas!

Complete the look by using brown paper as gift-wrap with traditional string to tie it all together.

 M A K I N G   M A G I C   W I T H   P U R P L E


And we finish with one of our favourite combinations of rich aubergine purples coupled with caramel gold. 

At KLIMCHI, we love working with purple and its ability to combine with so many different shades; from deep blue violets to the more playful pinky-purples to the lighter lilacs.

We particularly love how our Violet and Ultra-Violet Hobnail glassware glistens in candle light, bringing a touch of sublime purple magic to any Chritmas tabletop.