G A R D E N E R ' S    P A R A D I S E

Summer is on the horizon and we feel ourselves irresistibly drawn outside into the garden. Whether you dream of curling up with a book under the trees or serving cocktails on the veranda, stylish outdoor furnishings have the power to transform how we experience and use our outdoor spaces.

But what kind of garden are you looking for? A peaceful haven for relaxation? Or a welcoming space for vibrant garden gatherings? 

Be it rustic, contemporary or charming, there’s outdoor accessories for all summer styles. Let’s take a look at how current trends in garden furniture design can reinvent your garden.

S P A C E   F O R   T W O

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough and all we want to do is sit with a loved one and share an afternoon iced tea. Introducing something as simple as a few cushions or the humble bench instantly makes space for a quiet sit in the garden.

Horticulturist and Garden Designer Paul Hervey-Brookes knows the value of a well-placed bench amidst the greenery. Admitting that he doesn’t buy new things very often, he recently acquired a stylish bench for sitting on after his daily "wander staring at plants with a cup of tea routine". For Paul, it’s all about taking time to be immersed in the natural beauty of the garden. 

So, take your time and find that perfect spot away from the house. Explore that secret corner of the garden that grows a little wilder than the rest. Or, perhaps place your bench under some eaves or an arbour, where even the rain can't find you.

T H E   S O L I T A R Y   R E A D E R 

We all deserve some space for ourselves. But it's not easy finding the perfect spot to spend a quiet afternoon re-reading a favourite book or enjoying a glass of homemade lemonade. So, indulge us for a moment as we joyfully advocate the romance and nostalgia of the classic garden hanging chair. 

Woven rattan furniture is in vogue this summer, bringing back a taste of that laid-back 70s vibe. On a practical level, it’s a great choice for ensuring your garden furnishings last for years to come. Although most outdoor furniture is waterproof, rattan is UV resistant and easy to keep clean. Known for its sturdy nature, rattan is also unlikely to warp in extreme heat like most wooden garden furnishings.

Even the smallest gardens can be transformed by the rustic charm of a bamboo or rattan hanging chair, perfectly accompanied with some textured throws and cushions.  

G A R D E N   G A T H E R I N G S

Planning on holding a host of summer parties this year? Designer David Pfeiffer is a master of intelligent garden design and we particularly love his philosophy on how to create a special experience for garden party guests;

"I will furnish the exterior like the interior of the house is furnished. Are the seating areas the right height? Are the paths wide enough? How do you move from place to place? It's like doing a floor plan for a house."

When deciding on garden furniture and the design of social areas, David encourages garden owners to consider “how they like to entertain”. You may wish to consider creating a space for daytime dining and have a different space for evening conversation and drinks.

K E E P I N G   C O O L   T O G E T H E R

Washington-based designer David Pfeiffer is intensely passionate when it comes to using natural materials to highlight the elemental aspects of a garden. This elemental influence plays a key role in his designs for social areas, often situating tables and seating close to water features and stone sculptures.

However, our favourite slice of wisdom is David's ideology behind encouraging "exploration and discovery" when laying out your garden furniture. Seating should be conveniently placed, but also try to include features like a bench or gazebo farther out into the garden to serve as a surprise destination for guests.