I N  L O V E  W I T H  W H I T E 

You're in love. You've seen a stunning all-white interior online or on TV and you're dreaming of bringing the look home yourself. But where to start? White can offer a fresh opportunity to work with a blank canvas, but getting the ball rolling on big style decisions can feel daunting.

So... how do you approach such a dramatic stylistic choice?

Approaching a 'white on white' interior is a deeply personal journey. Whether you are looking for a contemporary touch or homely warmth, we want to offer you some of our top tips and advice from our favourite designers to help you find your perfect all-white interior.

With so many shades of white on offer, it’s crucial to find the right tone for your chosen room. Designer and wellness guru Katrina Chambers understands the difficulties in making these choices. We like her method of instantly narrowing down your colour menu by first of all asking yourself if you want a 'warm' or 'cool' white;

"Usually rooms which are filled with natural light can benefit from a cool white. They offer a crisp, sleek and elegant look. Warm whites are colours with yellow, red and brown undertones. They are cosy and inviting more suited to traditional styling."

P I C K  Y O U R  W H I T E

Katrina's top tip for testing paint also includes using a piece of plaster wood to paint test patches onto and seeing how they look in your chosen room at different times of the day.

U S I N G  T E X T U R E

Using texture, such as fabrics and wood grain, can really make a bold statement when set against a clean white backdrop. We agree with top 'white on white' designer Leanne Ford who often brings together white-washed stone work, textile artworks and different shades of wood all in one room.

Leanne particularly enjoys a thin coat of 'white paint soup' to bring a fresh glow to textured surfaces, such as wood and brick. A watered down white paint applied to wooden features like shelves and crates will allow the wood's grain to remain prominent, adding a raw rustic chic to any room.

Glass features can also add some dappled texturing, diffusing and scattering light. Well-lit rooms particularly lend themselves to hanging glass art or statement pieces of glass tableware.

T O N A L   H I G H L I G H T S

Introducing warm tonal features can bring balance to a cool white interior. Warm fabrics, wood and metal strategically placed throughout the space can add definition and attract the eye towards decorative centre pieces.

 Natural elements, such as ropes, baskets or rugs can bring a soft and stylish edge to a living room or bedroom. Copper or brass fixings in the bathroom or kitchen can add a contemporary industrial edge without feeling too cold or harsh.

Alternatively, add some warmth to the very heart of a room by placing a piece of natural wood furniture at its centre. A singular piece will pop out beautifully from its glowing white background, be it a coffee table in the lounge or a solid oak table in the dinning room.

L E T   T H E   L I G H T   I N

But what if your bathroom is windowless? Strategic lighting can still give you that light and airy touch. We were particularly taken with the beautiful back-lit deco-style mirror and under-lit sink unit seen above, designed by a couple competing in Australia's interior design series 'The Block'. Coupled with textured tiles and basketry, this windowless bathroom still glows effortlesly with luxurious style.

Lovers of light and airy interiors will adore how white floors and walls can fill a room with glorious natural light, particularly in the bathroom. White enamels, pebbles and tiles play beautifully with natural light, transforming any bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and calm.