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W I T H   S O   S O U K

This is the second in our series of interviews with Jo Peppiatt and Petrina Martin from artisan lifestyle boutique So Souk. From handwoven Moroccan baskets to expertly crafted Bohemian glassware, Jo and Petrina have travelled the globe in order to track down traditionally handmade homeware for their deftly curated emporium.


It's fair to say that they stumbled upon the idea for So Souk by accident, after returning from an action-packed trip to Morocco to find their friends were thrilled to buy multiple handcrafted items brought back from the souks. 

Today, we chat to them specifically about the role Morocco has played in inspiring the birth of such a unique and passionate venture. 

"I had visited Morocco a few times before that, actually, probably five or six times with my husband and family. I have always absolutely adored the people we meet there, the beautiful Riads and the shopping in particular. Because myself and Petina were both huge fans of shopping, it was just an obvious place to go back to and we just totally fell in love with it. We have returned every year since, except sadly not this year! But hopefully in 2021!"


Although there's easily a glut in the market of luxury homeware, Jo and Petrina realised that So Souk could become a unique platform for rare items that champion traditional artisanship, found only in the busy backstreets of those far flung exotic lands they discovered during their travels.

A   L O N G - T E R M   R O M A N C E

Curious to learn more about how it all began, we asked Jo; what drew them to take that first inspirational trip to Morocco?

"What’s so exciting about artisan products is that there is so much room for developing new colours, patterns, new prints and making something your own."

"Probably the most exciting thing really was the friendships that we formed out there and finding suppliers who we really trust and enjoy working with. Also, seeing behind the scenes of some of the artisans and how they work. Really getting to know the place I think."

B E F R I E N D I N G   A R T I S A N S


What were your most memorable moments during your visits to Morocco? Is there one that stands out from the others?

So Souk clearly holds these relationships with artisans in high regard, often working with them closely to develop new collections.

"There were lots of memorable moments and some very amusing ones. Witnessing a dogfight one evening very late in one of the market squares! And we were nearly sold for the equivalent of a camel to one of the market traders, which was pretty hilarious!" 


"And there were just particular things, like the lovely Riad owner of the same Riad that we return to every time we go, and being just helped out by lots of people when we’re there."

A D V E N T U R E S   I N   M A R R A K E C H

It only takes a quick glance through So Souk's Instagram imagery to become entranced by the beauty, colour and decorative detail that is instrinsic to the very soul of Morocco. We asked Jo and Petrina to tell us more about their adventures through those streets and market places.

"There is so much amazing inspiration in so many countries. If we're talking about Morocco, we would say that you just have to get stuck in and India is the same. It's a question of just walking and looking and talking to people and just asking around. Often the shop fronts in these places are basically the front for a huge amount of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, so it's a question of chatting. And if you see something you like you can ask where it's made. So I would say just get stuck in."


D I G   A   L I T T L E   D E E P E R

Inspired by their travels, we then asked Jo and Petrina to share any advice they might have for fellow adventurers looking to be stylistically inspired by their next trip abroad;


S O   S O U K   

I N T E R V I E W   S E R I E S 

This is just the second story in a short series of talks we had with Jo Peppiatt and Petrina Martin from So Souk.

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Watch this space for more stories with Jo and Petrina.